Sunday, October 24, 2010

Meet the Party

We're into our 4th session so far and we are LOVIN' it! The Dandies are really enjoying their charactersm and I'm really having fun with where it's going. I just finished running the group through the "Twisted Halls" adventure in the Red Box, and while it did get hairy, there were no casualties (there were a few near death experiences though.)
One of the things we really love doing is casting our characters. It immediately gives us all an idea of where the characters are coming from, and what they're like. So without further ado, meet the Netir Vale Avengers:

Gottri- Dwarven Knight
(Brian Cox)

One of the few remaining members of an order of Dwarven Knights that was almost wiped out by an Orc invasion, Gottri seeks to return the order to it's formal glory and to one day win back the Hold that fell to the Orcs.

Valora- Elven Warpriest
(Tilda Swinton)

Hailing from the mysterious Cloak Wood Valora has ventured into human lands as part of a pilgramage for her Lord Pelor. Driven by mysterious visions of the Netir Vale in flames, Valora seeks the favor of her god to help prevent this tragic vision from coming true.

Daeven- Human Mage
(Jesse Eisenberg)

A wandering sage and powerful illusionist, much of the young mage's background and motives are shrouded in mystery. He aims good or ill are kept very close to his chest.

Kipling- Halfling Thief
(Mark Sheppard)

A member of the illustrious and industrous Weatherwill Clan (his words, not ours), Kipling seeks to extend his families already extensive network (again, his words) even further throughout the Vale. Unfortunately his mother's fallen a foul of a "corrupt" religious leader and much now be "liberated by her loving son.

Now the you've met the players, next time I'll post their misadventures.

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