Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Failed rpg mash up expirement.

So I tried a little something the last time I ran. I tried an RPG Mash-up; The Pathfinder adventure Hollow's Last Hope with Warhammer 2nd edition rules. One of my players suggested I run some gritty fantasy, and the Falcon's Hollow adventure seemed like a good fit. For some reason I figured it might be really fun to run this game with Warhammer because I remember how intense it was rolling hit location and damage and praying to God the black orc didn't get a critical. Well as it turns out, I forgot how much of a whiff factor starting WH characters have. That and the fact that a Worg with a WS of 45 and 2 attacks per round is not something that a lot of beginning players can handle. Needless to say, I've decided against the pairing. It's sort of like chasing a Long Island ice tea with a Jager. You'll definitely fuck yourself up, but you won't necessarily enjoy the experience.