Thursday, October 28, 2010

First Session

Our first session started with the players escorting the dwarven merchant Traevus to Fallcrest. The players were unfamiliar with one another, but Gottri and Kipling had business with the dwarf. The cleric and the mage were just along for the ride. While en route they were beset upon by a pack of goblins. They managed to drive the goblinoid raiders off but not before the beasts made off with a small chest belonging to the merchant. As the goblins scurry off and disappear into the hills, the adventures catch a glimpse of a mysterious black clad rider who meets them and follows them out of site.
Desperate to get his chest back, the dwarf promises payment to whoever can bring the chest back. Gottri and Kipling decide to track the goblins, as Valora and Daevus continue with Traevus back to Fallcrest.
The halfling tracks the goblins back to their warrens and find the entrance guarded by goblins who spot the duo and attack on sight! The 2 adventurers best their attackers, but decide it best to venture into the caves with some assistance. They return to Fallcrest to recruit their 2 travelling companions. Traevus promises the adventures 30 gold for the safe return of his chest and the group agrees. They take off into the hills to investigate the goblin warrens and find the merchants missing chest.

As they travel along the road to the caves, Kipling's sharp eyes spy suspicious movement around a ruined guard tower on the road. Spotted, a pair of goblins each barely controlling a wolf hops out and attacks the group. The wolves harry the Avengers as the goblins shoot arrows from a far. Kipling manages to get the upper hand on one of the goblins and does it in. Gottri and Daeven do some major damage against the wolves, as Valora finishes the other goblin with Kipling's assistance.

With it clear that the goblins are aware of their approach, the party sets off expecting trouble.

Next Session: The Twisted Halls

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