Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Issue 1

After all that set up the group was primed and ready for action. Here's an account of what when down the first session.

Barrier and Apogee arrive at the Ikarus launch command center with Valkyrie and enter the facility amid a hail of photo flashes. Apogee poses grandly for pictures as the press' attention is drawn towards the familiar airborn sight of Star City's premiere superhero Champion arriving fashionably late to meet them. The heroes exchange greetings and then head inside to prepare for the launch. Dr. Elena Mitchum greets them and briefly goes over the flight plan. She then subjects them to a battery of tests before their all cleared for the journey. The Heroes are all then lead to the portal room where they are teleported to the Ikarus. This is Barrier's and Apogee's first portal experience and it doesn't go very well for them. After a quick clean up the flight crew prepares the warp drives for a jump.
Elsewhere, Mungo Man, Voltz and The Temporalist wait in one of Dr. Omega's conference rooms to start the mission. They wait for another of Omega's hirelings, a Rogue named Oni, to take control of the Ikarus' portal room so they can beam aboard. Dr. Omega hands the Rogues each a device.
"It's a shunt. An emergency portal device. Keep it on you at all times if you want to make it back to base safely."
The Temporalist, never being a trusting man, decides to open the device and get a look. Being a man of science himself he easily opens the casing and checks it out. Not all looks in order, and in his expert assessment, the item doesn't do exactly what Omega claims. But before the Temporalist can figure it out the device explodes. He's thrown to the ground but his pride is hurt more than anything else. Dr. Omega's Omega-men surround the Rogue and call Omega to the room. The Temporalist takes it in stride telling the others he doesn't trust the device and refuses to use it. Dr. Omega tells them that there is a safety built into the device in case one of them decides to try and turn on them.
"You can refuse to use it if you like. If so, you're going to have to try and get back to earth on your own."
The Temporalist still refuses, but Mungoman and Voltz reluctantly keep their devices. Dr. Omega gives Mungoman one more device, a small disc and tells him he must attach it to the ship's navigational controls and leads them to his portal room. Oni makes contact, she's in position.
The Rogues appear in the Ikarus' portal room with a blast of portal energy. As they try and recover from the disorientation, the see Oni for the first time standing at the portal controls. 2 technicians lie at either side of her and one guard lies next to a severed rifle all unconscious.

"Portal room, we've registered an unscheduled teleportation. Is everything alright?"

The Rogues spring into action without a word between them. On the bridge. "Something's wrong." Valkyrie reports. Barrier springs into action. Valkyrie joins him ordering Champion and Apogee to protect the bridge.

The door to the portal room swishes open as 2 Prescient Industries security guards burst into the room guns leveled. Mungoman, Voltz and the Temporalist make quick work of them as Dr. Omega appears on the portal platform. Barrier makes his way onto the scene with Valkyrie. Mungo Man lashes out with a vicious attack on Barrier only to find it turned back on himself. Oni takes a step back and unceremoniously disappears. The Temporalist lets off a barrage of bullets at the hero only to find them turned back on him as well.
"Fascinating." Dr. Omega blasts the hero with his Omega Ray and Barrier turns away from the attack in pain. Barrier decides to take on Dr. Omega himself but can find little purchase against the powerful rogue.
Mungo Man breaks from the fight and moves into the hallway to join Voltz against Valkyrie. Oni makes short work of the PI Security guards helping the heroes as they find their rifles suddenly sliced in half by an unseen force.
Voltz has managed to throw Valkyrie off her game. She barrages the armored hero with electrically charged fists. "You're not so tough."Voltz gloats over Valkyrie right before a blast of crimson energy smashes her against a near by wall. Champion has joined the fight.
"Get to the bridge!" Omega commands Mungo Man. He complies with a nasty glare for the mastermind. Omega turns towards Barrier and clicks a control on his belt disappearing with a discharge of particle energy. Mungo Man races to the Bridge and runs into Apogee. Before the hero can do anything Mungo Man wraps himself around him tightly. Apogee easily uses his telekinesis to pop the villain off of him. Suddenly the Temporalist appears next to Mungo and takes the navigation device as well as the villains emergency shunt. He heads towards ship controls and a surprised Dr. Mitchum.
Dr. Omega appears on the bridge with a flash of light. He quickly grabs the young Doctor and lifts her off the ground, his gauntleted hand wrapped around her neck just as Champion and the other heroes get enter the bridge. "Ah, ah, ah. One more step and I snap poor Dr. Mitchum's neck."
The heroes quickly surrender. Omega has the rogues gather all of the scientists and heroes together as the Temporalist attaches the navigation device to the ship's computers.
Suddenly a field appears around everyone clustered on the bridge. The field seems to arch from Dr. Omega's henchmen, to all the Rogues wearing shunt devices creating an energy web that traps anyone nearby. Only Dr. Omega and Dr. Mitchum are unaffected. On the bridge monitor a countdown starts for a jump.
"I've been waiting a long time for this Champion." Omega begins his monologue. He tells them how this has all been an elaborate ruse to trap Champion on board and launch him into deep space. He's set the ship for Saturn, a trip that would expend the jump engine's power source leaving them stranded far from earth. The trip back would take decades and they'd all be dead long before that happens. The hero and rogues watch in horror as the countdown gets towards one. But before Omega can finish his gloating and leave, Dr. Mitchum manages to kick the statis field control in the villain's hand. The stasis field drops and Champion launches a vicious attack at Omega. Champion gets 2 quick hits on the villain before anyone can launch their own attacks. And then BOOM! They both disappear in a burst of energy.
Everyone looks towards each other and then the countdown clock. 3-2-1.... JUMP!

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