Thursday, June 11, 2009

Finally! SUPERS!

So now I am officially full swing into a Supers game with my lunch game crew. We've had 2 sessions so far (We've been calling them issues) and it seems like everyone is loving it (I know I am!). I've been wanting to run a Supers game for a long time, but outside from a few M&M games and a Champion game or two back in the day I haven't been able to.
I picked up Savage Worlds' Necessary Evil about two years ago and tried to talk a bunch of people into playing. Well I've finally succeeded and it's ON! The basic premise behind Necessary Evil is you take on the role of villains who must band together to save the world. I love the idea, but I wanted more conflict so I convinced half the team to play heroes and the other half to play villains. The line up consists of the Temporalist, a time slowing foe played by Dovi, Mungo Man a diabolical stretching aborigine hunter played by Austin. The Heroes consist of Barrier, former astronaut with kinetic reflecting abilities played by the incomparable Mandrews, and Apogee, Master of Telekinesis played by Paul.

We've also got a couple of NPC Supers to round the group out. Voltz, electro punk with an attitude, was created by Emma who's been busy working on a film. Hopefully she may join us later. And Valkyrie, a senior member of Alpha Force. (She's basically a female Iron Man... wouldn't that make her an Iron Maiden?)

The first couple games were great and the player tension is perfect. I can't wait until next game.

Next up: THE SETUP!

Update: Almost forgot one more of Dr. Omega's hirelings. Oni, the disappearing super-ninja.

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