Thursday, June 11, 2009


I decided not to drop my players into the NE meta-plot right away. I wanted to create some tension in the group, and I wanted them to experience a pre-invasion earth. I sent out a few emails to the players to set the stage.
This is the first email I sent out the the Hero characters:

15 Bannerman Ave
Downtown, Star City
May 18, 2004
Alpha Force applicant,
After careful review of your civilian policing record, and a week of probationary membership, Alpha Force has agreed to induct you as a formal member of our team. Following Alpha Force tradition, you will find a formal certificate enclosed with a copy of your Federal Policing license number. Please accept our personal congratulations for your outstanding achievements.

As a new recruit, you will be serving as ancillary Supers-support in conjunction with State and Federal law enforcement in Star City. As you know, Alpha Force is nearly a global policing entity, but with the growing number of Supers in the world it has become necessary to expand our once static numbers. Nowhere is that more apparent than Star City. Please report to AF Central HQ, Downtown within the next 7 days to begin basic training and orientation. We look forward working with you.

Upwards and beyond,

Red Cross
Blue Shield
The Comet

The Villains setup was a bit different. I had already run one game with them so they had a bit of history. Dr. Omega had hired them to steal and sabotage a new facial recognition algorithm. After they completed the job, he contacts them again to setup another mission:

--TRANSMISSIONESTABLISHED--<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> <<<<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>AUTHOR:DR.OMEGA<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Greetings recruits. I congratulate you on the success of your last mission. I have received the data and the prototype and you have all been compensated in the agreed upon fashion. After such a successful display of your capabilities, I'm encouraged to invite you into a much larger roll within my organization. I'm looking
to do a high profile caper and I need reliable assets of your caliber to assist me. Whatever payment you received from the Omnitech job will pale in comparsion to what you stand to gain from this job. If you're interested in taking an active role in my organization (and you would be foolish if you did not). Meet me at the agreed upon location on the last job for details. In our line of work alliance is not a perk, it's a necessity.


Next I sent out a mock newspaper article to foreshadow the upcoming heist:

Project Ikarus to test prototype "jump engine"

May 15th 2004- Project Ikarus, the Global Space Exploration initiative, is set to test it's prototype space shuttle later this week. The Shuttle, Ikarus, has been outfitted with a state of the art "jump engine". What used to be the stuff of science fiction, the engine would allow the shuttle to make a trip that would take hundreds of years, takes mere weeks. According to Prescient Industries, the company spearheading the program, this is a titanic leap forward in the space exploration race. CEO, and lead researcher Elena Mitchum known for her development of the Tempest powered armor system (the armor powering the legendary Valkyrie's super suit), stated "In light of the past 2 thwarted alien invasion attempts, it has become extremely important for Earth to makes it's presence know in the the galaxy. The Ikarus is a huge step in that direction."
The researcher has made it clear that the engine is an early prototype. The scheduled trip is a "jump" to Mars and back, a round trip that should take under 72 hours. Ikarus, while still in early development, has many of it's systems on line and fully functioning. The engine itself has been reverse engineered from remnants Altari technology. The Ikarus' scheduled jump is next Thursday, May 23rd at 9 am.

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