Friday, April 17, 2009

First game

Just finished our first lunchtime session of Shadowrun and it was AWESOME! The Shadowrunlite rules ran wonderfully and every body really got their characters. Our own Emma Coats was even able to beat her dice curse and kick some major ass!
It started off as all good games do in a bar. As the players were taking some time to get in a little R&R at the local faux divebar, the Nosedive, a prominent local Fixer named Warlock decides to pay a visit. Warlock has a rep for being a solid Fixer with great connections who actually looks out for his runners. Chase, who's running the 'dive, tell Bergamont to make sure no one disturbs the Fixer. But before the Adept can make that happen, the bar is overrun by Gangers in leathers and fezes. The Braineaters, a tech fetish gang rushes the door and make a bee line for Warlock's table. Bergamont, Cole and Turk make short work of the gang and Chase manages to get things under control. Warlock, impressed thanks the group and leaves his card. Looks like they just might have a future in the Shadows.

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