Thursday, January 7, 2010


So my comparision between Warhammer and Dragon Age aside, there are many things that I enjoy about the new incarnation of Warhammer. The production value being chief among them. Fantasy Flight games makes pretty toys. Lots of neat shiny bits, and cool runic dice. While researching Warhammer I came across FFG's dungeon hack board game Descent. Tempted by thoughts of the Heroquest box set back in the day I went and picked this up for my birthday a few days ago. Man is this game fun! I love everything about it from the amazing plastic figures, to the cool extra bits (wound and fatigue markers) to the puzzle piece dungeon maps! It's a great hack n' slash with no roleplay required.

I played with a few of the Dandies and everybody loved it. I will say the one thing of concern is the 4 hour play time. It's not a game you whip and an play lightly. If you want to get your mileage out of it, you better ask your buddies if they're willing to make the time commitment cuz it's a doozy. That said, Descent, love it, get it, play it.

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